Does my Americus, GA home insurance cover my special valuables?

Home insurance is a must when protecting your family in case of disaster. If you are the victim of a fire or burglary, your insurance will help compensate you for the losses so you can move on. However, there are some limitations to how certain items may be covered. Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA can help you understand your policy and whether you need more protection for some of your valuables.

Your Homeowners Policy and Sub-Limits

When you chose your homeowners policy, you agreed to a certain total amount of coverage. For instance, if your house and property are worth $150,000, you may have chosen a policy for $200,000 so that your belongings would also be covered.

Within that total amount, there are sub-limits on certain kinds of loss. Items with sub-limits typically include:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine art
  • Furs
  • Computers
  • Guns
  • Musical instruments
  • Stamps

A typical sub-limit amount might be $1-5,000 for your jewelry. That is because your homeowner’s policy is supposed to protect your entire home and your belongings. 

Adding a Rider To an Existing Policy

You can protect certain valuables without enough coverage by adding a rider to your existing policy. Read your policy carefully and ask your agent what extra protection you need.

Making a home inventory may seem overwhelming, but we can help you find a way that works for you. Having an inventory of your home is essential to ensuring that you have the right amount of coverage and know what items have been destroyed or stolen. 

If you have any questions about home inventories or homeowners insurance, please feel free to call Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA today.

Client First Insurance Partners with Ramsey Solutions

Kirk Lyman-Barner, President of Client First Insurance Solutions has been selected by Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey) to become part of the umbrella of insurance providers endorsed by RamseyTrusted. This means Client First has undergone thorough vetting and ongoing training and has earned the respect of RamseyTrusted.

Kirk first discovered Dave Ramsey when he was working for Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia.  He worked with Financial Peace University (FPU) to eliminate his own debt and change his spending behavior, and he encouraged the prospective homeowners of Almost Heaven Habitat to complete FPU on their journey to become successful new homeowners.  When he launched Client First Insurance Solutions, he partnered with another Ramsey fan, Tamma Phillips, V.P. of Operations, and they used the same principles to build the financial management practices that guide the Client First Agency.

Client First has regularly scheduled coaching sessions with its RamseyTrusted Pro, who helps to keep them pursuing the missional, heart-of-a-teacher mindset that RamseyTrusted stands for. This commitment to ongoing training is a symbol of Client First’s promise to put serving over selling as it always has. The client comes first.

Umbrella Insurance for Small Business Owners: A Safety Net for Your Enterprise

Running a small business is a rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with inherent risks. Small business owners are constantly navigating various challenges, including legal liabilities, accidents, and unforeseen events that can result in substantial financial losses. To safeguard their Americus, GA businesses from these potential pitfalls, many entrepreneurs turn to umbrella insurance. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of umbrella insurance for small business owners and when it makes sense to consider this coverage.

Exceeding Commercial Insurance Limits

Small businesses typically invest in commercial insurance policies to protect against various liabilities, such as general liability, professional liability, and workers’ compensation. While these policies offer essential coverage, they often come with coverage limits that may not fully address the complexities of modern business risks.

Umbrella insurance serves as a safety net when a small business faces a catastrophic event or a lawsuit that exceeds the limits of its existing policies. For example, suppose a customer sustains severe injuries on your business premises and sues for damages that surpass your general liability coverage. In that case, an umbrella policy can bridge the gap, potentially saving your business from financial ruin.

Scenarios and Industries Where Umbrella Coverage Is Vital

Umbrella insurance is particularly valuable in scenarios where small businesses face higher risks or the potential for substantial liability. Here are some examples:

  • Service-Based Businesses: Small businesses in service industries often require professional liability insurance. An umbrella policy can protect against hefty legal claims stemming from professional mistakes or negligence.
  • Retail and Hospitality: Businesses in retail, restaurants, or hotels may encounter slip-and-fall accidents or customer injuries. An umbrella policy can provide additional coverage when these incidents lead to significant claims.
  • Contractors and Tradespeople: Construction contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople may encounter costly accidents or property damage. Umbrella insurance offers an added layer of protection when incidents go beyond standard insurance limits.
  • Employment Practices Liability: Small businesses are not immune to employment-related lawsuits. An umbrella policy can extend coverage for claims related to wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment.

Umbrella insurance for small business owners is a vital safety net, protecting against unexpected liabilities and providing peace of mind. By considering this additional layer of protection, entrepreneurs can ensure their businesses remain resilient in the face of potential financial challenges and legal risks. Small business owners in Americus, GA should work closely with insurance professionals, like those at Client First Insurance Solutions, to tailor umbrella coverage to their specific needs and industry risks.

What’s New for Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2024

By Kirk Lyman-Barner, President

Client First Insurance Solutions

Americus and Albany

On the 10th Anniversary of the Marketplace, I am a bit nostalgic for the days when we had little
competition from agents in the individual health insurance market. Without going into the
politics of why that was, competition is very strong for agents offering
Marketplace/Obamacare plans. Unfortunately, much of that competition is a scam that
harms people.

There are dishonest agents from outside of our community who are using websites and call
centers to trick people into changing their health plans. They prey on both seniors on
Medicare and the under 65 Marketplace insured. So far, CMS/Medicare, the Insurance
Commissioners and local law enforcement agencies have been ineffective at stopping these

Recently, I had a client call me from the Emergency Room at Phoebe Sumter Hospital who was
sick and sick to find out that he was a victim of the scam. He accepted a call from someone
claiming to be from the Marketplace who suggested he should be moved from his Silver plan
that we sold him to a $0 premium Bronze plan. He is now stuck with the full hospital bill
because he was given an $8,000 deductible.

Under the current Marketplace software, all a dishonest agent needs to steal your account is
your name, state and your birthday.

In response to this epidemic of crime, the Marketplace is now going to require the insured to
complete a consent agreement. So be prepared to have this extra step this year. It remains to
be seen if law enforcement and the insurance regulators will be able to use these consent
forms to stop the bad agents. It feels a little bit like the time one guy threatened to blow up a
plane with a bomb in his shoe, and the response was that now everyone has to take their shoes
off before we can get on a plane.

You can be your own best defense against being a victim of this insurance scam by working
directly with a local agent who keeps up on all the offerings and products available in your
community. The insurance companies, the Marketplace and Medicare will never call you
about switching plans. Beware of calls offering gift card incentives. Never give out your
personal information, such as your birthday or social security unless you know for certain who
you are working with.

Other interesting notes for 2024:

For seniors, Open Enrollment is from October 15th-December 7th.

For individuals and families, Open Enrollment is November 1st-January 15th, with the last day
to enroll for a plan with a January 1 effective date being December 15th.

Like all other states, Georgia is reviewing 2.8 million people insured through Medicaid to make
sure they still qualify. There was a slowdown in the annual reviews during Covid and many
Georigians are going to lose their coverage. For those that do, they will receive a Special
Enrollment outside of the annual Open Enrollment. Talk to an insurance agent or call the
Marketplace if you find yourself in that situation.
Georgia attempted to launch a new state-run website to replace, but that was
delayed by the Federal Government until next year.

Georgia also opened up their expanded Medicaid on July 1st. Studies indicate that about
400,000 Georgians are eligible to apply. The requirements are so strict that estimates are that
only 50,000 to 90,000 will be eligible. Only 265 people were actually enrolled during the first

Last year we saw a decline in customer service with the carriers offering insurance through the
Marketplace. This was in part due to an increase in customers. The Friday company was
placed into receivership and that book of business was transferred to other carriers who were
caught without enough staff to handle the new customers.

Locally, it is important to know that Ambetter clients can use the following pharmacies:
Walgreens, Walmart, Food Lion, The Clinic, The Plains Drug Store and Doctors Pharmacy.

Since CVS bought Aetna, they dropped their contract with Ambetter but they do accept the
Aetna Marketplace plans now that they have returned to Southwest Georgia.

Now that the pandemic is over, the government is no longer offering free Covid shots. Those
that have insurance will still receive $0 copay for Covid and Covid booster shots. Also the
Health Department has free shots. Those without insurance can expect to pay $120-$130 and
more for the shots.

I’d like to close with a personal appeal to sign up and take advantage of your free annual
physical, and wellness screenings. In August, I lost my father to cancer. It began as prostate
cancer and it spread undetected. As Count Rugan famously said in the movie The Princes
Bride, “If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.” I miss my Dad. Much of
your health is in your control. Get covered and use your plan’s benefits.

Should all people have health insurance in Georgia?

Many forms of insurance need to be obtained for people who live in the Americus, GA area. While many of these types of coverage provide liability protection and coverage for assets, health insurance is another important type of coverage you need to get here. You should carefully consider your health insurance needs and obtain a quality policy for various reasons when you live in this part of Georgia. 

Ensure Appropriate Coverage

It would be best to have a health insurance plan when you are here to ensure appropriate coverage. When you live in this part of Georgia, you will need to see a doctor, get prescription medication, and potentially even need a procedure. If you are not insured, you will have to cover these costs out of pocket. This can make getting the care you need to lead a healthy life prohibitive. With health insurance, you will have more affordable access to care. 


Today, it is also a requirement for all people to get health insurance. If a full health insurance plan does not cover you for yourself and your dependents, you could face penalization. You will need to show evidence of your full coverage at the end of the year when taxes are filed. 

If you are in the Americus, GA area, you will need to be assured that you select a proper health insurance plan. When you are ready to start looking for coverage here, you can begin by calling us with Client First Insurance Solutions. Our Client First Insurance Solutions team knows the value of this coverage and can provide the guidance you need to select and build a new plan. 

Life Insurance for Charitable Giving

Life insurance can serve as a powerful tool for charitable giving, allowing individuals to make a lasting impact on causes they care about in the Americus, GA area. Understanding these strategies empowers individuals to support charitable organizations and leave a meaningful legacy.

Directing Benefits to Charitable Organizations

One way to use life insurance for charitable giving is by naming charitable organizations as beneficiaries of a life insurance policy. By doing so, the policy’s death benefit is directed to the designated charities upon the policyholder’s passing. This allows individuals to support charitable causes they are passionate about, ensuring their contribution extends beyond their lifetime.

Leaving a Charitable Legacy

Naming charities as beneficiaries offers several benefits. It allows individuals to leave a charitable legacy, ensuring their values and philanthropic efforts continue. This strategy provides flexibility, as individuals can change the beneficiaries over time to align with their evolving charitable interests.

Balancing Philanthropy and Personal Needs

Another approach is establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). A CRT enables individuals to donate assets, such as a life insurance policy, to a trust while retaining an income stream. The remaining trust assets are distributed to designated charitable organizations upon the individual’s passing.

Maximizing Benefits and Tax Advantages

Charitable remainder trusts offer several advantages. They provide individuals with a stream of income during their lifetime, allowing them to support both philanthropic endeavors and personal financial needs. Establishing a CRT may offer tax benefits, such as an immediate income tax deduction and avoiding capital gains taxes on contributed assets.

How Client First Insurance Solutions Can Help You

At Client First Insurance Solutions, we can answer all your questions concerning life insurance coverage and how you can leave your legacy to a charitable organization. We assist the Americus, GA region. Contact us today

The Road to Recovery: How Comprehensive Auto Insurance Can Help Repair Your Vehicle in Georgia

Many Georgians aren’t aware that their comprehensive auto insurance policy covers them for more than just basic insurance coverage. 

Comprehensive auto insurance helps you pick up the pieces when the unexpected happens to your auto, and the experts at Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA can help!

Comprehensive Insurance Coverages

The following are examples of coverage offered in comprehensive auto insurance policies. 

Repairing Damage to Your Vehicle 

Collision insurance only covers damage to your auto if you’ve been in an accident with another driver. Comprehensive insurance runs the gamut and covers your car even in unexpected circumstances. 

Your collision policy can help protect you from financial loss in a non-accident-related event, such as damage from hailstorms or a tree branch falling on your car. 

Rental Car Coverage

One of the best features of comprehensive insurance policies is their rental insurance or rental car reimbursement features. These auto insurance add-ons help cover the costs of a rental car when your vehicle is temporarily out of commission. 

Rental car insurance add-ons mean not waiting for a ride to take care of errands or missing appointments when your car is down for repairs or if you’re in between vehicles after total damage. 

Replacing a Stolen Vehicle

The last thing Georgia car owners want to do is absorb the costs of replacing a stolen vehicle out of their own pockets. Comprehensive policies can include vehicle replacement provisions that help you get a new or used replacement if your car gets stolen. 

Insurance Advice from the Experts

Talk to the experienced insurance agents at Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA, when you have questions about comprehensive insurance. Knowledgeable agents can answer your important questions. 

Contact an Agent Today! 

How workers compensation insurance can help your business

Workers’ compensation insurance from Client First Insurance Solutions is integral to protecting your business from the risks associated with employee injury or illness. With this type of insurance, companies in the Americus, GA area can cover medical costs and lost wages for their employees if they are injured or become ill while on the job. It also helps to protect employers from legal action that may arise from these accidents or illnesses.

Having worker’s compensation insurance in place will protect your business against a wide range of potential financial losses. Employees injured on the job can be provided with medical care and receive appropriate compensation for time missed due to their injuries. This helps to ensure that your staff can focus on making a quick recovery so they can get back to work as soon as possible. It also prevents any legal claims that may arise should an employee decide to sue you over their injuries.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance varies depending on your location and other factors, but it’s often required by law, even in states where it isn’t mandatory. On top of that, many businesses that offer this type of coverage find that it makes them more attractive when bidding for contracts or hiring new employees due to the improved safety standards they uphold. 

Overall, having workers’ compensation insurance in place can help provide financial security should an accident happen at work and demonstrate to potential customers and employees that you take safety seriously when running your business.

For more information, call us at Client First Insurance Solutions today. We are proud to serve the Americus, GA area.

Five Things You Should Know About Home Insurance

When you buy a house, there are many things to consider: where you want to live, the risks associated with the location, who you are getting a loan from, and home insurance. Here are five things you need to know about home insurance.

Not everything is included in home insurance.

When you think about home insurance, you might think that just about everything can be taken care of with home insurance. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are things that home insurance won’t cover, also known as exclusions.

Some of the most common exclusions include:

  • Mold
  • Pest damage
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Regular wear and tear

What home insurance includes

Although there are exclusions, there are a lot of things that home insurance does cover. Some of the things home insurance covers include:

  • Other structures
  • Dwelling coverage
  • Additional living expenses
  • Personal property coverage
  • Liability coverage

There are add-ons available

If you live in a place that has a high risk of flooding or other natural disasters, you might be required to have additional insurance added to your policy. The most common add-ons available are flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and natural disaster insurance.

It would be best if you had home insurance.

Even if home insurance isn’t required in your state, your lender most likely will require you to have home insurance if you are getting a mortgage for your home. Even if that is not the case, houses are expensive, so getting your home insured for extra financial protection is a good idea.

Do your research

Not all insurance policies are created the same. Some insurance companies are more expensive than others. It is essential to do your research to find the best rates and coverage options for your needs.

Contact Client First Insurance Solutions

Contact us at Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA for information about our home insurance policies.

Three factors to consider when you choose an umbrella insurance policy

Buying umbrella insurance coverage is a good idea if you want complete financial protection. If you’re looking for umbrella insurance in Americus, GA, we can come to your assistance at Client First Insurance Solutions. 

The following are three important factors to consider when you choose an umbrella insurance policy:

The amount of umbrella coverage to buy

You’ll need to choose how much umbrella insurance coverage you want. If you want to protect your total assets, you should purchase enough coverage to equal the full value of your net worth.

Calculating the total value of your assets is an important step in buying umbrella insurance. You should evaluate your net worth so that you can make sure you’re completely covered. 

The insurance provider you purchase a policy from

There are numerous insurance providers offering umbrella insurance policies. You should do your research on providers offering this type of insurance in your area so that you can choose a good policy.

Get quotes from different companies. In addition to researching quote amounts, you should also consider the reputation different insurance providers have regarding customer service. 

The policy maximums on your home and auto insurance

You will need to have at least some minimum amount of auto and home insurance to qualify for umbrella insurance. Check the policy maximums of your home, auto, and other insurance policies. You might need to update them if you want to use them in combination with your umbrella insurance policy. 

Ready to find the right umbrella insurance?

Client First Insurance Solutions offers umbrella insurance to consumers in Americus, GA. Get in touch with us today for a quote on a policy.