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About Client First Insurance Solutions

Our primary focus is the needs of our valued clients. We’re dedicated to getting you the best rates on the insurance that you need.

Meet Our Team

Kirk Lyman-Barne

Kirk Lyman-Barner

Yes, it’s “Kirk”…as in Captain Kirk. And that’s a good analogy for my husband, because he is always at the helm of his insurance agency boldly going places other agencies don’t always venture: putting the client’s needs above those of their business’. You can always count on the fact that Kirk will search the stars for the best coverage at the lowest price for you, whether it’s in health insurance, home and auto, life, disability, workers’ comp, and many commercial lines. I’ve been on your side of the desk before, and I know the difference between a good insurance agent and a bad one. Believe me, you want Kirk on your team.

Kirk became interested in insurance when he realized the positive effect it had on the low-income families we worked with through Habitat for Humanity. Simple and affordable policies ensured that families wouldn’t be financially ruined in the event of a catastrophic illness or because of a house fire. Kirk made sure that the Habitat families had sufficient insurance coverage they could afford.

With the increasing uncertainty about health insurance, Kirk will promise you two things: he will monitor the changes to insurance rules daily so he knows how to best help you, and he will always offer you the best of what he can find for you. If he can’t find better coverage than your existing policy, he will never try to talk you into a different one just because he might make a little money on the deal.

That’s unethical and just not his style. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution didn’t interview him three times because he’s a top insurance seller, but because of his reputation for working honestly and with integrity for people who need help.

Take a look at the list of insurers Kirk is licensed to sell. That’s a lot of companies. And that’s because the more options he has, the more options you have. Are you interested in a new policy? Or maybe you have an existing policy that’s up for renewal? Kirk can shop around for you and suggest policies with the most coverage at the most affordable rates. And if he can’t beat what you already have, he’ll tell you so.

The whole insurance industry can make you feel vulnerable, but with someone like Kirk on your team, you can rest assured you’re in good hands and that someone who actually cares about your situation will be guiding you through it.

I hope you come to appreciate Kirk’s compassion and expertise as much as I have – I certainly don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to insurance, so I had to marry him. You don’t have to go that far, but I’m convinced you’ll love the service you’ll get and you’ll value the integrity he brings to the insurance industry.

If you have any questions at all about insurance, the phone number on the website is his personal cell number, so you can reach him just about any time. He knows things come up after business hours, and wants to be available to you when you need him. And I don’t mind sharing. — Cori Lyman Barner

Southern Alliance

Kirk’s Civic and Professional Memberships

Kirk is the co-founder of three affordable housing ministries

Habitat Humanity

Tamma Phillips

Tamma Phillips

Tamma Phillips hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Though she loves Georgia, she misses the cold weather and snow. Of course she’s a fan of ice skating and hockey, but the true driving force in her life is her faith. This motivates her to help anyone in need however she is able. Her compassion for others is evident in her desire to become an American Sign Language interpreter, so she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in communications. Tamma is a dedicated Agent and an integral part of the Client First team.

Jignasha Patel

Jignasha Patel

Jignasha and her husband Niral are local business owners and among the hardest working individuals in the community. Jignasha came to America in 1988 from Anand, Gujarat in India with her family who were seeking education and business opportunities. She is well connected around the state and attends the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Perry, GA. Niral and Jignasha have three children enrolled in Southland Academy and the First Baptist childcare center in Americus.

Jignasha got interested in insurance because she would often help women in the community understand their Medicare and prescription drug plans when they came into her store. Eventually, she got her insurance license and became an expert in senior products.

Client First Insurance Solutions founder Kirk Lyman-Barner says, “Jig is like the Energizer Bunny! I don’t know how she manages what she does, but she does it very well. Almost every day she is working with a new client or coming in with a question that begins with “Do we have a market for…..” Yes, we usually do.