Q. What are the triggering events allowing a special enrollment period for Obamacare plans?

Renewal of a grandfathered or non-grandfathered individual major medical plan in 2014
Return from active military duty
Release from incarceration
Gain of immigration status or citizenship
Permanent move to a new state

Involuntary loss of minimum essential coverage due to:

Discontinuation of a current plan that does not meet health care reform requirements
Legal separation
Termination of domestic partnership or civil union*
Change in full-time employment status
Loss of employer-sponsored insurance as a result of:
Voluntary or involuntary termination of employment
The employer no longer offering coverage
Death of a parent or spouse
Change in dependent status as a result of turning 26

Gaining or becoming a dependent due to:

Domestic partnership*
Birth of child/children
Adoption of child/children
Placement for adoption of child/children
New appointment of guardianship

*in applicable states

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