Does my Americus, GA home insurance cover my special valuables?

Home insurance is a must when protecting your family in case of disaster. If you are the victim of a fire or burglary, your insurance will help compensate you for the losses so you can move on. However, there are some limitations to how certain items may be covered. Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA can help you understand your policy and whether you need more protection for some of your valuables.

Your Homeowners Policy and Sub-Limits

When you chose your homeowners policy, you agreed to a certain total amount of coverage. For instance, if your house and property are worth $150,000, you may have chosen a policy for $200,000 so that your belongings would also be covered.

Within that total amount, there are sub-limits on certain kinds of loss. Items with sub-limits typically include:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine art
  • Furs
  • Computers
  • Guns
  • Musical instruments
  • Stamps

A typical sub-limit amount might be $1-5,000 for your jewelry. That is because your homeowner’s policy is supposed to protect your entire home and your belongings. 

Adding a Rider To an Existing Policy

You can protect certain valuables without enough coverage by adding a rider to your existing policy. Read your policy carefully and ask your agent what extra protection you need.

Making a home inventory may seem overwhelming, but we can help you find a way that works for you. Having an inventory of your home is essential to ensuring that you have the right amount of coverage and know what items have been destroyed or stolen. 

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Five Things You Should Know About Home Insurance

When you buy a house, there are many things to consider: where you want to live, the risks associated with the location, who you are getting a loan from, and home insurance. Here are five things you need to know about home insurance.

Not everything is included in home insurance.

When you think about home insurance, you might think that just about everything can be taken care of with home insurance. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are things that home insurance won’t cover, also known as exclusions.

Some of the most common exclusions include:

  • Mold
  • Pest damage
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Regular wear and tear

What home insurance includes

Although there are exclusions, there are a lot of things that home insurance does cover. Some of the things home insurance covers include:

  • Other structures
  • Dwelling coverage
  • Additional living expenses
  • Personal property coverage
  • Liability coverage

There are add-ons available

If you live in a place that has a high risk of flooding or other natural disasters, you might be required to have additional insurance added to your policy. The most common add-ons available are flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and natural disaster insurance.

It would be best if you had home insurance.

Even if home insurance isn’t required in your state, your lender most likely will require you to have home insurance if you are getting a mortgage for your home. Even if that is not the case, houses are expensive, so getting your home insured for extra financial protection is a good idea.

Do your research

Not all insurance policies are created the same. Some insurance companies are more expensive than others. It is essential to do your research to find the best rates and coverage options for your needs.

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How Home Insurance Protects You

As a homeowner, it’s up to you to protect your home in every way that you can. There are a lot of physical things you can do to protect it, but there is also something financial you can do to get better protection, You can get a home insurance policy that protects your home against a wide range of dangers so that you are protected financially from these risks.

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It Protects Your House

One of the main reasons to get home insurance is that it provides valuable protection for the house itself. It offers enough coverage to pay for major damage being done to your home. It insures the house completely so that it can pay to have it rebuilt if it’s needed. This coverage will cover you against a number of costly risks that your house faces. These generally include specific types of natural disasters as well as calamities and accidents. You need to have this coverage at all times from the time you sign the paperwork to buy your house onward. 

It Protects Your Possessions

When you have a home insurance policy, it also protects you against the loss of your possessions inside that home. This insurance is extremely important because of the high cost of goods today. It’s important to keep your home insurance because it offers this important protection. The same types of events that can damage your home can also damage your belongings, so it’s vital that you always have this valuable coverage. 

Get Your Home and Possessions Covered

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Common Misconceptions About Home Insurance

In today’s world, home insurance is a crucial part of homeownership. But what are the misconceptions around this important topic? Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA offers you to take a look at some common myths and truths.

Common Misconceptions About Home Insurance

Myth #1: Home Insurance Is Expensive

Truth: Actually, home insurance rates vary depending on your location as well as the type of home insurance you choose. Many affordable options are available, so you can find a policy that fits your budget.

Myth #2: Home Insurance Covers Everything

Truth: Home insurance usually covers damage to your home and property and personal liability in the event someone is injured on your property. However, it does not cover everything, so be sure to read your policy carefully.

Myth #3: I Don’t Need Home Insurance If I Live In a Safe Neighborhood

Truth: No matter where you live, accidents can happen. A fire or burglary could occur even in the safest neighborhood, so it’s important to have insurance coverage.

Myth #4: I Don’t Need Home Insurance If I Own My Home outright

Truth: Even if you own your home outright, you should still have insurance coverage. This will protect you in the event of damage to your property or liability claims.

Myth #5: My Home Isn’t Worth Insuring

Truth: It’s always a good idea to have insurance coverage, even if your home is not worth a lot of money. If something happens to your home, you may not be able to rebuild it without insurance proceeds.

Myth #6: I Can’t Get Home Insurance If I’ve Had Claims in the Past

Truth: You may be able to get home insurance even if you’ve had claims in the past. However, the premiums for this coverage may be higher. Talk to an insurance agent to find out what options are available to you.

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Can You Choose the Value of Your Home Insurance?

Home insurance can be a confusing matter. Many people do not know how much home insurance they need, nor do they realize that they can choose the value of their coverage.

Client First Insurance Solutions provides home insurance to the people of Americus, GA. When you are not sure how much home insurance you need, a professional can help. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

Consider the Value of Your Home’s Structure

When you choose the value of your insurance, you can consider the structure of your home. You need to consider the age of your home and the care it has received over the years. You also need to think about your home’s repairs and whether the home is up to code. Your insurance agent will help you consider what kind of insurance you need.

Consider the Value of Your Belongings

Then, you will think about the items you own. Your home insurance covers the belongings inside the structure as well, which means that you need to know how much money you might expect to spend to replace all your items.

Consider the Likelihood of a Major Event

Finally, you can choose the value of your insurance policy based on the likelihood that your home might be damaged by a major event. This means you might need to consider potential weather disasters, for example.

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Kinds of Damage Home Insurance Won’t Cover

Before you buy your home insurance in Americus, GA, it is always important to consider what will be covered and what will not be covered. Many homeowners are surprised when filing a claim after realizing certain damage is not covered by the policy. Client First Insurance Solutions has analyzed all the damages that are not covered for a comprehensive understanding.

Sewer Backup Damages

A simple home insurance policy will not cover all the damages that are caused by sewer backups. Most insurance organizations believe that most of the sewer backup damages are caused by outdated sewer systems, excess floodwater, and overgrown roots from the trees. In such cases, it is not the insurance company that is supposed to cater for such expenses. Homeowners are advised to look for comprehensive home insurance policies that may cover the issues listed above.

Earth Movement Damages

Home insurance policies will not cover sinkholes, earthquakes, and earth movement damages. It is always necessary to analyze the geographical region where the home is located to buy an additional home insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover such natural problems. Some insurance companies might agree to cover such perils if the amount paid for the premium is increased.

Damages from Lack of Maintenance

If your home is damaged by pests, rodents, and mold, the home insurance policy will not help because insurance agents will interpret this as negligence. Therefore, you need always to ensure that you are maintaining your home regularly to address all issues that can affect your home. Working with a professional home maintenance expert can increase the chances of a successful home insurance claim.

Client First Insurance Solutions is one of the leading home insurance companies in Americus, GA, and has multiple home insurance policies. You can contact us today for professional home coverage.

Why Owning a Pool Affects Home Insurance

In lieu of expensive vacations these days, many Americus, GA residents opt to keep things closer to home and add a pool to their backyards. However, this could have a pretty significant impact on your homeowner’s insurance. Here’s what you need to know about how owning a pool affects your home insurance coverage.

Increased Liability Risk

In most cases, a home swimming pool is referred to in the industry as a pleasant nuisance. What that means is that it is highly attractive to trouble, such as small children who might be unattended or neighborhood animals. In turn, that raises the chances of a serious incident from happening.

A simple $100,000 of liability coverage on your home might not be enough if you own a pool. Accidents can happen at any time, so it is always a good idea to talk to your Client First Insurance Solutions insurance agent and determine how much more coverage you need on your policy to help protect your financial wellbeing.

Possible Damage to Equipment

Pools are expensive to maintain, and pumps, hoses, and other items certainly aren’t cheap. To ensure your homeowner’s policy covers these items after a catastrophic event, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve discussed the process with your insurance agent.

Further, some carriers consider pools (especially in-ground ones) as a separate structure of your home. If you never mention your new addition to your home to your agent, there’s a good chance it would not be covered in the event of a serious claim.

Beware of Local Municipality Guidelines

Where you live often matters when it comes to swimming pools and homeowner’s insurance. If you’re required to have a fence for your in-ground or above ground pool, you’ll likely be required to have one to meet underwriting guidelines, too.

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Top Questions to ask when looking for a home insurance policy

As a homeowner in the Americus, GA area, you know how important it is to protect your home with a homeowners’ insurance policy. We at Client First Insurance Solutions are here to help guide you on the crucial questions you should ask before purchasing a home insurance policy. 

How is my house valued if it needs to be replaced?

The policy can provide coverage for actual value or replacement cost. The actual cost is the price of the home minus any depreciation. Replacement cost will pay to replace the house regardless of the current market value. 

What is my insurance company AM Best Rating?

It is vital to pick an insurance carrier with a strong AM Best rating. A strong rating indicates the insurer is financially stable, and there is a better likelihood that the company will be around to pay the claim out in the event of a loss. 

Is my jewelry covered?

A homeowners’ policy typically has a limited amount of coverage for jewelry. If you have a collection that is worth a large sum of money, you will want to take out additional coverage for the jewelry. 

Do I need to buy a separate flood policy? 

Many people make the incorrect assumption that floods are a covered peril under a homeowner’s policy. Most carriers do not automatically provide flood coverage, so it is essential to find out if you need a separate policy. 

What is the process of filing a claim?

In the event you have to file a claim under your policy, it is critical to know the process ahead of time. If you are a person who likes to manage matters online, you will want to make sure the company has an online claims process. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to a person, you may want to make sure the company has a 24-hour phone number to call.

If you have additional questions about homeowners’ insurance, reach out to Client First Insurance Solutions today. We proudly serve the Americus, GA area.