Four reasons why health insurance coverage is essential

Protect your health with health insurance coverage. Client First Insurance Solutions offers health insurance coverage to consumers in Americus, GA. The following are four reasons why health insurance coverage is essential. 

Getting treated for medical problems is important.

Medical treatment that keeps you healthy is an absolute priority. Carrying health insurance prepares you for medical expenses that could come up and will absolutely require payment. Purchasing a health insurance policy is essential for achieving financial security regardless of your health problems. 

Health insurance coverage makes life less stressful.

If you are living with chronic health issues such as type 2 diabetes, living without health insurance is dangerous and stressful. With health insurance, you know you’ll be able to get medical treatments you need paid for so that you don’t have to worry so much about the future. 

Health insurance coverage can help you get the preventive care that keeps your health.

Even basic health insurance policies typically cover preventive care like cancer screenings. Preventative care is vital because such procedures can prevent severe illness and keep you healthy. 

Health insurance coverage can pay for emergency medical services when you need them.

You never know when accidents that require costly emergency medical care can happen. A health insurance policy can cover costs in such a situation. This can help to minimize the negative consequences of getting in an accident and needing to go to the emergency room unexpectedly. 

You can get a quote on health insurance coverage by calling us at Client First Insurance Solutions. We are a great insurance coverage solution for those looking for health insurance in Americus, GA. 

Time’s Running Out, Health Pirates, and Last Chance to Make Binder Payments

Time’s running out for a February 1, 2024, effective date! Open Enrollment for 2024 closes at midnight on January 15th.

Everyone has that one friend or relative who waits until the last minute. Tell them to call us at (229) 596-1002 to sign up and have coverage beginning February 1st. We promise not to call them a “procrastinator.” 
Over 50 of our clients have been victimized by marketing schemes to steal their health accounts. We are working hard to come up with some recourse and protect you from surprises that leave you with high deductibles or prevent you from seeing your favorite doctor. 
If you suspect that you were a victim or know of anyone who was a victim, we may be able to help.  We promise to call these bad agents “Pirates.” Seriously, this is no joke. It is a national problem. 
To bind your health plan, you need to make the first payment. Please don’t assume your automatic payments will continue to the next year. Give us a call or log onto your member portal to verify. Remember the old Russian proverb, “Doveryay, noh proveryay,” which translates in English to “Trust but verify.”
If you haven’t made your first payment, you need to do it ASAP. Below are the extensions and payment phone numbers we have received so far:
Ambetter – Extended to January 31
Online payment link 1-877-687-1180

AetnaExtended to January 30
Online payment link 1-844-365-7373

Alliant(SoloCare) – Extended to January 31
Website (866) 403-2785

MolinaExtended to January 31
Online payment link FL: 800-375-7421

Oscar – Please call Oscar for details
Online payment instructions1-855-672-2755

Optima – (Sentara)Extended to January 12
Online payment options 1-888-645-4306
Finally, for those of you who moved from Ambetter to Aetna for 2024, you will find things a little different. Ambetter is an “Open Access” HMO, which means you can go to any doctor without a referral so long as they are in the Ambetter network.
Aetna is a true HMO. They will randomly assign you a primary care doctor. If you want to see a doctor, you must ensure your doctor is listed as your primary care doctor. All specialist visits require a referral from your primary care doctor, or you may not be seen, and your new Aetna insurance plan may not cover your bills. The exception is that all emergencies are treated as “in-network.” To have your favorite doctor listed as your primary care doctor, call Aetna customer service. The number is on the back of your new card.

Thank you again for helping us to make this Open Enrollment season a success. We couldn’t do it without you and your referrals. Whenever we hear a story about how your health insurance made a difference in your lives, we know this craziness is worth it.