The Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Have you ever heard of umbrella insurance? It is a valuable type of extra liability insurance that offers additional financial protection when your standard insurance policies are exhausted. Client First Insurance Solutions serving the city of Americus, GA would like you to know about some of the benefits that umbrella, also known as excess liability insurance, offers.

Extra Protection for Catastrophic Events

Standard insurance policies are suitable for everyday incidents, but sometimes we experience catastrophic events that we can’t prepare for in our lives. These events are when umbrella insurance, which acts as a secondary policy, is invaluable. It provides additional financial protection when your primary policies are exhausted if you are liable for an incident that will require a financial outlay that will likely bankrupt you.

Suitable for Home, Auto, and Commercial Use

You can purchase umbrella insurance as an add-on for your home, auto, and commercial insurance policies. Depending on the wording, umbrella insurance may cover any gaps that your general liability insurance doesn’t cover in your business. You cannot usually purchase umbrella insurance on its own because it is a secondary policy that acts as an umbrella to provide an extra layer of protection and sits above your other insurance policies.

Peace of Mind

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing an additional umbrella or excess liability insurance is peace of mind. A legal liability lawsuit can take a long time to settle, it is an expense for the legally liable party, and it is not unheard of for settlements to pay out millions of dollars.

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What Georgia residents Need to know about Umbrella insurance

Residents of Georgia possess unique insurance policy needs. You may be deemed responsible for inflicting injuries or property damage to third parties. The ultimate truth is the chances are that you already possess some form of liability insurance, whether through your home or auto policy, but sometimes that protection is not sufficient to cushion financially. This potential shortfall in coverage can get arrested by procuring a salient umbrella policy at an affordable rate. Connect with us today at Client First Insurance Solutions offices, and our agents will help you land proper coverage that instills peace of mind.

In a nutshell, an umbrella insurance policy cushions you from liability claims that supersede the typical insurance limits. If you are held responsible for injuries or property damage, the costs can have disastrous financial ruins. If you have marshaled considerable assets, you may lose them, and if you do not have, you may find yourself forced to file for bankruptcy. If something massive strikes during your usual operations, having additional insurance like an umbrella insurance policy may be pivotal to keep you afloat.

Umbrella insurance policy summates to the liability coverage you have on your home, auto, or any other form of protection you possess that accords your liability coverage. Suppose you cause an automobile accident, and the expenses exceed the liability coverage included in your auto or home insurance policies. In that case, your umbrella insurance comes into play to settle the outstanding balances. Umbrella policy rates depend on the type of policy and coverage limits. Visit us today at Client First Insurance Solutions offices in Americus, GA, and our trusted agents will provide you with a competitive insurance plan and rates of umbrella insurance.

What does umbrella insurance cover in Georgia?

  • Bodily injury.
  • Landlord liability.
  • Property damage liability.
  • Defamation, libel, or slander.
  • Legal representation fees and damages.
  • False imprisonment and arrests.

What events are excluded from umbrella insurance coverage?

  • Personal injuries.
  • Intentional or criminal acts.
  • Damages to your possession.
  • Other injuries that are emanating from your business operations.

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Umbrella Insurance Gives You Additional Protection

When you already have insurance policies, but you want an extra layer to help protect your assets and property, you may want to consider umbrella insurance. That adds more protection to the things you value and can make it easier for you to enjoy life instead of worrying about whether you’re protected. If you’re in the Americus, GA area, Client First Insurance Solutions can help you find a policy that works for you and meets the needs you have. Whether you already have a policy that needs updating or you’re looking for a brand new policy to add more protection to your life, we’re here to help you get the right coverage for your lifestyle.

You can think of an umbrella policy in the same way you think of an actual umbrella. You may have a coat and hat to keep the rain off of you, but the umbrella adds another layer of coverage to help you stay dry. The same kind of principle applies to policies that offer umbrella coverage. You already have protection for things like your home, auto, and business, but there are coverage limits on those policies. When you add umbrella coverage, it extends beyond those limits to help ensure the fullest level of protection against any claims that might be made. Then you can truly have peace of mind from the insurance you have.

For those who live and work in or near Americus, GA, getting adequate coverage means coming to see us at Client First Insurance Solutions. We can find the umbrella insurance policy you need and help you cover all the things that matter most to you. Don’t settle for a lower level of protection that might not be enough. When you have options, you can feel good about your insurance. We know adequate insurance is vital to you, and we’re here to help.