The Road to Recovery: How Comprehensive Auto Insurance Can Help Repair Your Vehicle in Georgia

Many Georgians aren’t aware that their comprehensive auto insurance policy covers them for more than just basic insurance coverage. 

Comprehensive auto insurance helps you pick up the pieces when the unexpected happens to your auto, and the experts at Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA can help!

Comprehensive Insurance Coverages

The following are examples of coverage offered in comprehensive auto insurance policies. 

Repairing Damage to Your Vehicle 

Collision insurance only covers damage to your auto if you’ve been in an accident with another driver. Comprehensive insurance runs the gamut and covers your car even in unexpected circumstances. 

Your collision policy can help protect you from financial loss in a non-accident-related event, such as damage from hailstorms or a tree branch falling on your car. 

Rental Car Coverage

One of the best features of comprehensive insurance policies is their rental insurance or rental car reimbursement features. These auto insurance add-ons help cover the costs of a rental car when your vehicle is temporarily out of commission. 

Rental car insurance add-ons mean not waiting for a ride to take care of errands or missing appointments when your car is down for repairs or if you’re in between vehicles after total damage. 

Replacing a Stolen Vehicle

The last thing Georgia car owners want to do is absorb the costs of replacing a stolen vehicle out of their own pockets. Comprehensive policies can include vehicle replacement provisions that help you get a new or used replacement if your car gets stolen. 

Insurance Advice from the Experts

Talk to the experienced insurance agents at Client First Insurance Solutions in Americus, GA, when you have questions about comprehensive insurance. Knowledgeable agents can answer your important questions. 

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What is the maximum auto coverage you can purchase?

At Client First Insurance Solutions serving the greater Americus, GA community, we know you read a lot about auto insurance and most articles focus on meeting the Georgia auto insurance minimums. Instead, we’d like to explain the maximum amount of coverage you can carry to protect your vehicle and your legal liability.

Auto Insurance Liability Coverage

In Georgia, the highest liability limits you can purchase range from $300,000 and $500,000. Some purchasers add another type of liability coverage to insure themselves at a higher rate. Since Georgia awards for vehicle damage using the diminished liability concept, choosing a higher liability level for property damage can save you from out-of-pocket expenses.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverages

When you add collision and comprehensive, most underwriters will insure your vehicle to its maximum value, but you need to choose your deductible, the amount of out-of-pocket money you spend for repairs. This can range between $500 and $5,000. The maximum coverage for either of these types of insurance equals your vehicle’s value.

Rental Assistance and Roadside Assistance

If you choose to add coverage for a rental vehicle when your vehicle needs repair due to an accident, the maximum typically tops out at 30 days of rental. The rental rate used applies to a mid-range vehicle.

Some coverage, such as roadside assistance, comes as a standardized package. When you need a covered service, the insurance provides it as long as you’re current on your premiums.

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Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

While you have faithfully been renewing your auto insurance coverage, it’s time to look back to see whether you are carrying adequate coverage to protect you when accidents happen. Being underinsured can cost you financially when the unthinkable occurs. And it’s not a good experience when you have been paying premiums, only to incur out-of-pocket expenses when perils strike. 

While we all make errors, the mother of all mistakes is failing to correct blunders while we still have time. For this reason, Client First Insurance Solutions of Americus, GA has taken time to guide you on how much auto insurance you should carry before it’s too late. 

Satisfy the state-required minimums

The first step in determining the amount of auto insurance you need is to ensure you cover the minimum requirements by your state. This compliance ensures you don’t incur unnecessary fines and penalties for non-compliance. 

How much liability insurance do you need? 

Georgia requires all drivers to buy at least $25,000 bodily injury coverage for one accident. But is this amount enough? A severe accident costs about $50,000 in medical expenses. Add property damages and lawsuits, and the expenses can be extremely prohibitive. 

For this reason, increase your liability coverage if you drive frequently or live in an accident-prone area. Better yet, you can invest in umbrella insurance to protect yourself when faced with significant liability claims.

Comprehensive and collision coverages

These coverages protect your car from physical damages or losses from numerous perils. But how much coverage should you buy? At the minimum, you need enough coverage to replace your vehicle if a total loss were to occur. 

The bottom line

When you carry the right amount of car insurance, you don’t have to worry about repairs, legal suits, and replacement costs when accidents happen. However, determining the right amount of auto coverage isn’t cut and dry. As such, you need a knowledgeable insurance agent to bail you out.

Fortunately, if you are in Americus, GA and its environs, you can partner with Client First Insurance Solutions for all your auto insurance needs. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Items Left In the Vehicle?

Having good auto insurance is designed to help you make sure you’re protecting your vehicle in the case of an accident, theft, or other problem. But there can be misunderstandings about what, exactly, that insurance covers. It’s imperative for you to take a good look at your policy to understand exactly what kind of protection you have for your vehicle. If you’re not sure about the coverage limits or specifics you have with your auto policy, it’s important that you ask questions so your agent can help you understand.

Many people believe that their auto policy will cover the items they leave in their car if those items or the entire vehicle happens to be stolen. If you’re in the Americus, GA area, come to us at Client First Insurance Solutions and let us work with you on the specifics of your vehicle policy. We can show you that, typically, the items you leave in your vehicle aren’t covered by your insurance policy. Whether the entire vehicle is stolen or it’s broken into, and items are taken from it, your personal property will not be protected by the policy that covers your car.

Reach out to us today at Client First Insurance Solutions, and we can help you find an auto insurance policy that will work for your needs. Our customers in the Americus, GA area get the support and guidance they need to choose quality vehicle insurance right for their plans and goals. Having good insurance and making sure you don’t leave anything valuable in your vehicle are important ways to protect what’s yours and keep your belongings from coming to any harm. Then you can enjoy your time on the road and feel confident when you leave your vehicle unattended, as well.

How much auto insurance do I need in Georgia?

If you own a car in Americus, GA, the chances are that you know the ins and outs of auto insurance. However, besides the legal requirement limits, have you ever thought about how much coverage is adequate for you? It’s a tricky question, but not for insurance experts at Client First Insurance Solutions. 

How much is enough? 

While there is no straightforward answer to this question, the best way to find out is by conducting a little research ahead of your coverage. Make sure you are up to date with the latest local rules, parameters, and regulations of the industry. If you choose to seek advice from a single agent, you are likely to buy more coverage than you need and probably at a higher rate. 

Why do you need insurance

The best way to determine how much insurance is adequate for you is by identifying significant factors that affect your premiums. Car insurance is designed to protect you, your loved ones who will share the car with you, and other road users. You need to think about factors that may lead to your insurance premiums going up and deductibles available at your disposal. 

What to consider

While insurance companies use different criteria to determine how much insurance you should pay, knowing what they will check will help you stay ahead of them. You will also be in a better position to calculate your rates and match them with your insurance company. Some of the factors that can affect your auto insurance include:

  • Type of car
  • Engine size
  • Year of the car
  • Your age
  • Health conditions
  • Area of residence 
  • Use of the car
  • The number of people that use the vehicle 
  • If you have teenage children who can drive. 

Knowing how much insurance is enough for you can help you save a significant amount of money. Client First Insurance Solutions can help you get value for your money. Feel free to speak or visit us in Americus, GA.