Kinds of Damage Home Insurance Won’t Cover

Before you buy your home insurance in Americus, GA, it is always important to consider what will be covered and what will not be covered. Many homeowners are surprised when filing a claim after realizing certain damage is not covered by the policy. Client First Insurance Solutions has analyzed all the damages that are not covered for a comprehensive understanding.

Sewer Backup Damages

A simple home insurance policy will not cover all the damages that are caused by sewer backups. Most insurance organizations believe that most of the sewer backup damages are caused by outdated sewer systems, excess floodwater, and overgrown roots from the trees. In such cases, it is not the insurance company that is supposed to cater for such expenses. Homeowners are advised to look for comprehensive home insurance policies that may cover the issues listed above.

Earth Movement Damages

Home insurance policies will not cover sinkholes, earthquakes, and earth movement damages. It is always necessary to analyze the geographical region where the home is located to buy an additional home insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover such natural problems. Some insurance companies might agree to cover such perils if the amount paid for the premium is increased.

Damages from Lack of Maintenance

If your home is damaged by pests, rodents, and mold, the home insurance policy will not help because insurance agents will interpret this as negligence. Therefore, you need always to ensure that you are maintaining your home regularly to address all issues that can affect your home. Working with a professional home maintenance expert can increase the chances of a successful home insurance claim.

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