Client First Insurance Partners with Ramsey Solutions

Kirk Lyman-Barner, President of Client First Insurance Solutions has been selected by Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey) to become part of the umbrella of insurance providers endorsed by RamseyTrusted. This means Client First has undergone thorough vetting and ongoing training and has earned the respect of RamseyTrusted.

Kirk first discovered Dave Ramsey when he was working for Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia.  He worked with Financial Peace University (FPU) to eliminate his own debt and change his spending behavior, and he encouraged the prospective homeowners of Almost Heaven Habitat to complete FPU on their journey to become successful new homeowners.  When he launched Client First Insurance Solutions, he partnered with another Ramsey fan, Tamma Phillips, V.P. of Operations, and they used the same principles to build the financial management practices that guide the Client First Agency.

Client First has regularly scheduled coaching sessions with its RamseyTrusted Pro, who helps to keep them pursuing the missional, heart-of-a-teacher mindset that RamseyTrusted stands for. This commitment to ongoing training is a symbol of Client First’s promise to put serving over selling as it always has. The client comes first.

Flood Insurance Basics To Remember

Client First Insurance Solutions serves the Americus, GA community. We offer multiple policies to help our clients protect their assets. We recognize that searching for the right insurance policy can be stressful. We hope to simplify the process by connecting with our clients on an individual level. Once we have a clear assessment of our client’s individual needs, we are able to recommend a unique policy that will provide coverage over an extended time frame. We are confident that we can help you obtain the coverage you need.

Flood Insurance Basics To Remember

Staying in Americus, GA, you are aware of how dangerous severe weather can be. Tornadoes may occur in some areas during warm summers. Powerful thunderstorms leave flooding in their wake. Entire communities may be damaged by the flooding. If you stay in an area prone to flooding and other severe weather, consider the benefits of flood insurance covers your property against the potential threat of flood damage. The policy covers your personal belongings if they are damaged. However, you may need extra coverage if your luxury items such as antiques, furs, and artwork are damaged. Flood insurance also covers any damage to the structure of your home. Remember the key difference between severe flooding and a potential sewage issue. Flooding should impact everyone in the neighborhood. If your basement is damaged due to sewage backup, flood insurance will not cover the damages. Look over your policy carefully. If your home is severely damaged by flooding, you can add alternative living coverage so that you will be protected as you lodge somewhere else until your home is repaired.

Client First Insurance Solutions Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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My dog doesn’t bite… neither should my insurance company!

At Client First, we are, among other things, dog lovers. Statistically speaking, according to the Humane Society, there’s a pretty good chance you are too – in fact, nearly half of all American households have at least one dog. Rusty is our little mascot and like most dogs, he’s affectionate and fun, if a little excitable for his age. Unfortunately, as companies, many insurance providers aren’t too fond of dogs, especially dogs of certain breeds. If you own one, you might face higher homeowner’s insurance premiums, limited coverage due to restricted policy options, or even outright denial.

In most cases, this is just an unfortunate roadblock for homeowners that also happen to be responsible for dogs that are for all intents and purposes, harmless. That said, the CDC reports millions of bites each year, and the insurance claims that accompany the serious bites average in the neighborhood of $30,000 each. One method insurance companies will take in order to safeguard against this (in the states where this practice is legal, which isn’t all of them) will look at the dog breeds that are most often responsible for those bites and create breed blacklists which they use to adjust your coverage depending on the breed you have. This is designed to make sure owners of Chihuahuas and similarly harmless breeds don’t have to pay out based on a risk of violence that those breeds aren’t really capable of, in theory.

There’s definitely an argument to be made against breed blacklisting, and many argue that one breed isn’t inherently more aggressive or violent than another, but that’s currently the way things are. This isn’t to say that the insurance companies are big evil dog haters or anything, and they’ll often take things like fences and obedience training into account and adjust your insurance according to your efforts to make sure your furbaby plays nice with visitors to the property. Insurance companies are businesses though, and they can’t provide coverage that’s more expensive to them than what they’re paying out in claims.

So, if you’ve got a dog or are considering getting one, give us a call and we’ll take a look at your situation with you and make sure you’ve got an insurance solution you and the pup can both agree on!